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10 Benefits of Listening to Audiobooks Over the Summer Holidays

10 Benefits of Listening to Audiobooks Over the Summer Holidays

July 6, 2024 0 Comments

Summer is just around the corner, so you might be looking for ways to keep your children entertained and engaged during the long break from school. Here at Listening Books, we think that audiobooks are an excellent solution! But it’s not just us who think audiobooks are perfect for the summer holidays – we have lots of statistics that back us up too! Read on to find out why audiobooks are a must-have for kids this summer and how Listening Books can help you find them.


1. Increase Interest in Reading

First up, we’ve got a statistic that’s sure to win you over: did you know that more than half of children and young people who listen to audiobooks say it has increased their interest in reading? [1] Every parent wants their child to enjoy reading, and audiobooks are a great way to spark a lifelong interest, even for the most reluctant of young readers…


2. Encourage Reluctant Readers to Enjoy Reading

The technological aspect of audiobooks and their accessibility from smartphones and tablets gives them a “cool factor”, which increases their appeal for reluctant readers, particularly for boys. [2] If you’re looking for a way to introduce your tech-savvy child to reading without it feeling like extra homework, look no further than audiobooks!


3. Accessible for Diverse Needs

We think it’s important that books are accessible to all, and audiobooks can be a game-changer for children who struggle with print books due to disabilities or learning difficulties. They remove the need to decode printed words, allowing children with dyslexia to more easily focus on the story's meaning, which can boost their confidence, academic performance and motivation to learn! [3] Children with ADD or ADHD may also find that listening to audiobooks offers fewer distractions than reading the printed word. [4] The accessibility of audiobooks from a variety of devices means that children with physical disabilities can also enjoy reading without the need to turn pages or hold a book. [5] Our books even include a timer option to switch off after a chapter or before bedtime with ease!


4. Maintain and Improve Reading Comprehension Skills

Worried that the long break off school will affect your child’s reading progress over the year? Audiobooks are a fantastic way for them to practice their literacy and comprehension skills over the summer without feeling like a chore. Contrary to common myths, studies show that listening to audiobooks can improve reading comprehension just as effectively as print books! [6]


5. Allow Children to Keep Learning Over the Holidays

Beyond literacy skills, audiobooks also provide an excellent tool to teach children new things and expose them to different cultures and perspectives. In fact, children and young people who listen to audiobooks are more likely than their non-listening peers to recognise the importance of diversity in narrators and characters, and enjoy listening to stories about people from different backgrounds. [7] Why not direct your child to find audiobooks on subjects that interest them, or topics they will study next year in school? As they practise their reading skills, they'll also build their knowledge – it's a win‑win!

Listening Books has thousands of non-fiction and educational titles available for children and young people all the way from primary school to A-Level. This includes our Sound Learning titles that we record in-house to help more children access books! Learn more about our Sound Learning project here.


6. Boost Confidence for the New School Year

Using audiobooks can even increase your child’s self-esteem when it comes to reading! Studies show that the vast majority of young people who describe themselves as poor readers start to see themselves as good readers after using audiobooks. [8]

Plus, being able to access a wider range of texts and age-appropriate titles can allow struggling readers to enjoy the same books as their peers, contributing to better socialisation and an improved sense of wellbeing. [9] With audiobooks, children won’t have to miss out on playground conversations about all the amazing books their friends have read over the holidays!


7. Keep Children Busy Over the Summer

Now, time for the benefits for the parents! We know that summer can feel long for parents trying to keep their kids entertained. While outdoor activities and sports clubs are fantastic, balancing them with educational activities is important to get those brains ready for the new school year! Audiobooks provide the perfect balance of entertainment and mental stimulation.


8. Listen to Books Any Place, Any Time!

It can be hard to set aside time to do fun activities as a family, but audiobooks offer flexibility even to the busiest of schedules. Listening to stories together in the car, during bath-time or just before bed is a brilliant and versatile opportunity for families to spend quality time together. [10] If you have a child who is always busy with extra-curricular activities, or a teenager who finds that their studies leave no time for reading, audiobooks make reading for pleasure possible anytime, anywhere! [11]

Our service allows you to stream audiobooks online or download them to listen on-the-go without WiFi – perfect to avoid those ‘are we there yet?’ questions on long car journeys!


9. Enable Parents Who Have Difficulty Reading to Share Stories with Their Children

If you’re a parent who struggles to read or lacks confidence reading to your children, you still deserve to enjoy story-time with your little ones. Audiobooks take the stress out of reading and allow you to focus on enjoying the story together with your loved ones, fostering a love of books in your family and creating fond memories that will last forever. [12]


10. Low-Cost or Free Fun

Summer activities are often expensive, but audiobooks can offer a budget-friendly option. Listening Books provides a wide range of fiction and non-fiction for children, teenagers and young adults, to anyone whose illness, physical disability, learning disability or mental health condition impacts their ability to read or hold a book. Membership is just £20 for a whole year of audiobooks, and free memberships are available for those who would find the fees a barrier. Click here to learn more about membership for your child or sign up today!


Author: Annabel Morgan



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