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A year of Listening Books Blog! 10 posts you don't want to miss

A year of Listening Books Blog! 10 posts you don't want to miss

September 28, 2016 0 Comments
This week marks a year since we began Listening Books Blog! We've loved every minute of it, and hope you have too!

We've written about topics ranging from the history of audiobooks to the joys of volunteering. We've had interviews with Eragon author Christopher Paolini, and travel author Bill Bryson to name but two. And we've put together lots of recommendations for audiobooks of all sorts.

In honour of a year of articles, we want to make sure you haven't missed any great posts. So here for you are the top 10 most loved since we began!
1. National Poetry Day

Dream Like a Poet, Love Like a Poet, Think Like a Poet
You enjoyed our collection of favourite poems to celebrate poetry day so much that we've been celebrating all year round! Be sure to let us know which poems are your favourites!

2. Author Interview: Christopher Paolini

Paolini has been getting a lot of love from excited fans awaiting his new titles - he's a fantastic author so we can see why! In our interview he discusses his past series' and new Sci-Fi books.

3. Blogs that offer great audiobook reviews

Blog audiobook reviews
It was lovely for us to be able to highlight some of the great audiobook reviewers blogging out there, and our recommendations seem to be proving very useful to you too. Check the blogs out for help in choosing your next listen!

4. Famous actors who read audiobooks

11 famous actors who read audiobooks
Who doesn't love a well-known voice! And who wouldn't want to hear the dulcet tones of Tom Hiddleston and Rosamund Pike to name just two!

5. Winnie the Pooh Day

Our Audio Producer's love of Winnie the Pooh did not go to waste in this post. It's full of great quotes and all the things that make A. A. Milne's books amazing! (Fun fact: Winnie the Pooh is also Professor Robert Winston's favourite book - look out for our interview with him coming to the blog soon!)

6. Uplifting books: 10 feel-good titles to boost your mood

Uplifting Books
Everyone needs a little lift sometimes and books can be both the perfect escape and full of inspirational messages. We picked out 10 of the best just for you.

7. Where did the word 'audio' come from?

Audio mix desk
This etymology post looks at the history of the word 'audio', and comes straight from the curiosity of our Audio Producer. There's an audio version of the post itself and we even touch on where the word 'blog' comes from!

8. Phrases which we owe to Shakespeare

Phrases we owe to Shakespeare
Think Shakespeare is a bit complicated or antiquated? Or maybe you're a Shakespeare lover? Either way, it's fascinating how many of the well-known and everyday phrases we use today come from the prolific playwright.

9. Storytelling 101

Storytelling 101
This post was written for National Storytelling Day but is full of useful information for all year round! Learn about the history of storytelling, how to be a better storyteller, and why stories are so powerful. This exciting post lets some brilliant TED Talks tell part of the story.

10. Children's books that will make you cry

Children's books that will make you cry
Whilst we all love a good uplifting book, stories that are deep and profound and sad can be just as important. The beautifully written books for children in this post will have everyone reaching for the tissues!

11. (Bonus!) Why audiobooks are amazing

Reasons why audiobooks are amazing
We couldn't resist putting this in, as audiobooks are our thing and we love them and think everyone should give them a go! Let us know if you agree!

Which of these posts do you love the most? What would you like to see more of?

Thanks for reading our blog, we love hearing your thoughts and comments!

Do check out all our other posts and stay tuned for another year of fab content!

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This post was written by Holly Newson

Picture credit: the pulse te auaha - Flickr; for other credit see original posts.

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