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Our members

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For many of our members who cannot hold a book, our service is a lifeline, a friend and a comfort, lifting them out of what are often challenging circumstances. For younger members with dyslexia, for example, we can help with their fear of the printed word and provide access to books that are appropriate to their intellectual age rather than their reading age.

Here are just some of the wonderful things our members tell us about our service:

'There is no question whatever that the delight of listening to books ... has made my quality of life immeasurably more enjoyable.'

'Listening Books is a treasure trove.'

‘Listening Books keeps me sane during those times when sleep eludes me and I give thanks every day for this service.'

'All housebound disabled lovers of literature will appreciate, I'm sure, the pleasure, relaxation and escapism brought to us by Listening Books.’

‘The greatest improvement is Tom's love of listening to stories, particularly from the website. He is listening all the time and learning to love books’

‘I am 88 years old and partially sighted.  Listening Books is a godsend to me.’ 

'For those new to Listening Books – a door is now opening of many good things to come.'

‘My son has benefited greatly from audiobooks ... he has acquired a great wealth of words and knowledge.'

'For many years as I was growing up, your service made a difference. [In] GCSE English I noticed a huge improvement by being able to listen to the books we had to study instead of spending hours trying to read them and absorbing little.'

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'[Listening Books] enhance life and quality of life, for those who love (and learn in the case of young students) and depend on the spoken word.'

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Listening Books members can download thousands of fantastic titles to an iPod or other portable player!

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MP3 CDs!

Members can choose from a huge selection of MP3 CDs which we send through the post.



Members can listen to thousands of audiobooks instantly on a huge range of devices and computers, including Macs.

General enquiries:020 7407 9417 /
Library enquiries: 020 7234 0522 /
Registered charity number: 264221 Patron: Stephen Fry
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