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Simon Lelic Interview: The House

Simon Lelic Interview: The House

November 19, 2018 0 Comments

Simon Lelic is the bestselling author of five books, including The House and his latest release, The Liar's Room. Before starting to write novels he studied history and previously worked as a journalist. He lived in London for several years before moving down to Brighton with his wife and three children. The House was chosen for the Radio 2 Book Club in November 2017.

He spoke to Abigail Jaggers about developing characters, Stephen King, and audiobooks.


What's the difference between writing for adults and children?

The plot and the narrative structure is usually simpler...


How did working as a journalist help you write novels?

It certainly helps when you've got deadlines coming up!


Is 'The House' a ghost story or a thriller?

The original idea was for a ghost story...


How did you decide on the journal structure of 'The House'?

Normally there's one hook when I'm thinking of an idea that gets me into the idea of the book


How you create characters?

Syd was very real to me straight away


The theme of family is very important in 'The House'. Was this intentional?

It's what keeps every parent awake at night - what damage are you doing to your kids?


Who are your writing influences?

If 'The House' is my 'Rear Window', then 'The Liar's Room' is my 'Rope'...


What's it like when your book is chosen for the Radio 2 Book Club?

To have other people say they enjoyed it is great to hear!


Do you have much input in the audiobook of The House?

I went back and said, "I think these guys are great, if you can get them - fantastic!"


Tell us what books you've got in the pipeline

It's set in a single room over a prolonged period of time


Thank you very much to Simon Lelic for speaking to us!

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