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The best books for your commute

The best books for your commute

October 19, 2015 0 Comments

When you're commuting, sometimes quietly thinking can be quite pleasant. But there are other times, on a bus, train, or intergalactic spaceship (what d'you mean that's just Sci Fi?!) - possibly surrounded by hordes of grumpy faces, occasionally squished between armpits and rucksacks, and almost certainly trying to avoid eye contact - when your journey needs that little something extra. It needs a book.

Whether it's on paper, in audio, or via your brain-stem visualiser (I know that's not a thing... yet) - however you consume your book, you want it to be a good'un.

So in aid of your best commute ever (yes, I'll admit 'best commute' does sound a bit like an oxymoron), we've scoured the internet for the best book lists full of great recommendations to help you pick which book should accompany you next:


- Books to make your commute more meaningful: Lifehack
- Some classic recommendations to make that journey go faster: RedOnline
- What you should and shouldn't read to avoid missing your stop or crying on the train: GuardianBooks
- Audiobooks to take you far away from that stuffy carriage: Glo
- A few to listen to that'll make you want to keep those headphones on all day: Levo
- Want those books short and sweet?: ThoughtCatalogue
- From different ways to look at the world, to books set in space: Refinery29


commuter reads bookWe hope you these links have given you some great ideas.

Don't forgot to tell us what you're reading or listening to on your commute at the moment, and if you pick one from the list let us know what you choose - we all enjoy a good travel companion!


Written by Holly Newson

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