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5 Reasons You Should Join The Listening Books Club

5 Reasons You Should Join The Listening Books Club

January 19, 2022 0 Comments

Did you know that Listening Books have an audiobook club?

Well, we do!

The simple state of belonging to a book club can bring countless social, psychological and even physical benefits. That's why we're incredibly excited to be running the Listening Books Club for another year - and we think that you should join us! Unconvinced? Here are just some of the benefits of taking part...


1. Increased book consumption



Love audiobooks, but struggle to find the motivation to get listening? When you join a book club, you become part of a group of people who will inspire you to pick up your headphones and actually get stuck into that title you've been meaning to listen to. No more abandoning an audiobook at 63% completion for you!


2. Connection to a community



Throughout the pandemic it has been more important than ever to reach out to those around us, and we believe that engaging with a community during such isolating times is no less than a radical act of self care. And what could be better than joining a group of people who love audiobooks just as much as you do? 


3. Audiobook recommendations galore 



Being part of a club gives you the unique opportunity to give and receive book recommendations in an environment where everyone is fully invested in the conversation. Trust us, it's way better than talking your polite-but-unenthusiastic coworker's ear off about that audiobook you binged over the weekend (you know who you are). 


4. More opportunities to de-stress



Listening to more audiobooks can bring a variety of anxiety-reducing benefits, such as distraction from negative thoughts, improved time management and increased enjoyment of stories. Additionally, if you spend a fair amount of time on social media, joining our Facebook group will add some much-needed positivity to your feed!


5. It's free!



Did we forget to mention? Joining the Listening Books Club is free, and available to all - whether you have a Listening Books Membership or not! What's not to love?




Click here to join our Facebook group.

This year the Listening Books Club will be doing a deep dive into some fantastic themes, with lots of regular virtual discussion forums. Keen and casual participants are all welcome!

It's also not too late to get involved with our first category: Uplifting Listens! Click here to see our suggested listening list for this topic. 


Author: Emily Pye

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For young people who are frequently in hospital, our audiobooks can be an essential resource, helping with both relaxation and revision 💜

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