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Back to School Audiobooks: Sound Learning

Back to School Audiobooks: Sound Learning

August 23, 2017 0 Comments

With only a week left to go until the new academic year starts, you're going to want to check out these back to school audiobooks.

If you're finding reading difficult, school can be particularly daunting. There always seems to be so many things to read! This is where our Sound Learning service comes in. We record educational audiobooks from ages 7 and up so that at least getting through the reading doesn't have to be difficult. We've collected some of the best back to school audiobooks in our library, so get a head start on listening!


Angry Aztecs - Terry Deary

History can be really horrible. Do you know why Aztecs liked to eat scum? Or why they had a horrible habit of drinking live toads in wine? Or even when the world is going to end? In this audiobook you can meet the Angry Aztecs, a Mexican tribe where Aztec priests ripped out human hearts! Horrible Histories isn't interested in the boring bits of history.

Listening Books members can download and stream Angry Aztecs or borrow it as an MP3 CD: Listening Books number 11869.


The Shakespeare Book - Dorling Kindersley

Shakespeare strikes fear into the heart of even the best students. However, there's no need to be afraid! This Dorling Kindersley audiobook has a chapter for each play. Written in plain English, it explains the plot, themes, and characters clearly. It simplifies some of the complicated, unfamiliar language to make it easier to understand what's happening. Anyone mystified by Macbeth or finding Romeo and Juliet random and jumbled should borrow this audiobook.

Listening Books members can download and stream The Shakespeare Book or borrow it as an MP3 CD: Listening Books number 13744.


DNA - Dennis Kelly

If you're starting GCSEs this year, then DNA may be on your syllabus. Listening Books recorded the play as a full-cast drama, so you can really get a sense of the dynamic. DNA follows the lives of a group of teenagers as they try to deal with the disappearance of Adam. It also contains a recording of the notes at the end written by Anthony Banks specifically for those studying GCSE English. The perfect school audiobook accompaniment!

Listening Books members can download and stream DNA or borrow it as an MP3 CD: Listening Books number 10988.


An Inconvenient Truth - Al Gore

You might have seen a lot about the Paris Agreement and climate change in the news recently, but it's more interesting than Geography can make it sound. In 2006 An Inconvenient Truth was released, a film documentary featuring Al Gore, a former Vice President of the USA, explaining climate change. The film won an Oscar award, and Al Gore received the Nobel Peace Prize. This young adult edition is adapted from the film, and explains some of the major issues and the need for urgent change to solve climate change.

Listening Books members can download and stream An Inconvenient Truth or borrow it as an MP3 CD: Listening Books number 00540.


Selected Poems - W. B. Yeats

Poems may be shorter than books, but that doesn't make them easier to read! Equally, it's always better to hear poetry read aloud in order to understand the rhythm and meaning. This unabridged audiobook of Yeats poetry also includes the introduction written by Timothy Webb. This will help you understand the context of Yeats' life, important themes like mortality, and how to critically evaluate his poetry. One of the most important school audiobooks for A Level English.

Listening Books members can download and stream Selected Poems or borrow it as an MP3 CD: Listening Books number 13001.


Women in Science - Rachel Ignotofsky

You have heard of Charles Darwin or Albert Einstein, but do you know many women scientists? This book is trying to change that. It profiles fifty notable women in the STEM fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It celebrates the achievements of intrepid women like Marie Curie and Katherine Johnson who paved the way for the next generation of women scientists. If you're interested in science, then this is a great audiobook to find out cool things that you might not learn in school!

Listening Books members can download and stream Women in Science or borrow it as an MP3 CD: Listening Books number 14089.


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This post was written by Abigail Jaggers.

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