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Books to Read After Watching Bridgerton

Books to Read After Watching Bridgerton

January 8, 2021 0 Comments

If you know me, you'll know that my guilty pleasure genre is regency romance. It's not even really a guilty pleasure at this point! Every summer I will end up reaching for a Georgette Heyer, or Jane Austen, or the myriad other titles in this genre! 

So, it wasn't very surprising that I binged Netflix's recent series, Bridgerton, as fast as I could. If you did the same and now you're looking for more, then read the list below for recommendations of some amazing books with similar settings and vibes. And don't forget you can borrow all of these titles as audiobooks from the Listening Books library



The Bridgerton Series - Julia Quinn

The audiobook cover of The Duke and I

There are eight books in Julia Quinn's Bridgerton series that the Netflix adaptation was based on. So, the good news is that The Duke and I, the first novel, is just the start. Want to relive the whole series again? Start there. Want to know what happened to the rest of the Bridgerton family? Start with book two, The Viscount Who Loved Me, which takes Anthony Bridgerton as its main character. What better to follow Netflix's Bridgerton than with more Bridgerton? 




The Grand Sophy - Georgette Heyer

The audiobook cover of The Grand Sophy

Georgette Heyer essentially invented the modern Regency romance genre, and so it's no surprise that her books are some of the best examples of it. One of my favourites (and a great one to read after Bridgerton) is The Grand Sophy. In the story, Sophia Stanton-Lacy visits her cousins, the family of Lord Ombersley, for an extended stay. She is outgoing and independent and mixes up the lives of her family - in particular the head of the household, Charles Rivenhall. 

The Grand Sophy is supremely fun and engaging, and perfect to turn to if you're missing Bridgerton's headstrong heroines! 



Seven Years to Sin - Sylvia Day

The audiobook cover of Seven Years to Sin

Firstly, this book is raunchy. We're talking Bridgerton episode 6 kind of raunchy here. On the eve of her wedding, Lady Jessica Sheffield witnesses Alistair Cauldfield in a compromising way. After seven years of marriage, she cannot stop thinking about him. And turns out Alistair feels the same. Plus, if you enjoy audiobooks then you should know that this one is narrated by Imogen Church who has won several Earphones awards for her narration work. 



The Kiss Quotient - Helen Hoang

The audiobook cover of The Kiss Quotient

Okay, so this book is not set during the Regency. However, if you loved the fake relationship between Daphne and the Duke in Bridgerton, then this story is for you. In The Kiss Quotient, Stella Lane is being pressured into finding someone to marry. However, she is convinced that she needs to practice before she jumps right in. So, she hires escort Michael Phan to teach her everything. A great plan, until she starts feeling more than she expected. 



Emma - Jane Austen

The audiobook cover of Emma (Naxos)

You knew a Jane Austen book was coming, right? If you've seen Bridgerton then you've probably also seen Pride and Prejudice, which is why I'm recommending Emma instead. Its protagonist is rich and good-looking, but has absolutely no interest in finding a husband. Instead, Emma tasks herself with setting up everyone around her. That is, until she realises one of her plots may have gone too far.

Emma is full of societal intrigue and misunderstandings. Plus, I'm the opposite of a swooner - but I could be convinced by Mr Knightley. 



Sylvester - Georgette Heyer

The audiobook cover of Sylvester

Yes, there are two Georgette Heyer recommendations on this list, but if you love Bridgerton, then you'll love these too. When the Duke of Salford and Phoebe Marlow first meet, they dislike each other a lot. However, after circumstances leave them stranded together they begin to reasses their first impressions. That is, until a novel is published that features the Duke as the villainous Count Ugolino. With secret authorship, society gossip and a love story, this is another great Regency romance to read next. 



Red, White and Royal Blue - Casey McQuiston

The audiobook cover of Red, White and Royal Blue

Alex Claremont-Diaz, first son of the President of the United States, really hates Prince Harry. But, after an accidental altercation at an official event, they must pretend to be friends for the political peace between the USA and the UK. However, pretend friendship quickly develops into something else that they must then hide from the world. So, this book is also not set in the Regency. But, it really is a heartwarming love story that fans of Bridgerton will enjoy. And if you need any more convincing - it was a Goodreads choice winner in 2019! 


All of these audiobooks can be borrowed from the Listening Books library

What books do you recommend reading after Bridgerton? Let us know in the comments! 

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