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The Benefits of Audiobooks for Education

Many young people with reading, writing and communication difficulties may find it harder to realise their full academic potential. It can certainly extract the enjoyment from a story if it’s a challenge to read or understand the words on the page. Not being able to access the same educational resources as their peers can create unnecessary barriers to achievement, which in turn could lead to undermining a student’s motivation and self-esteem.

The benefit of audiobooks, used either at home or in school, can really make a difference. Listening to audiobooks eliminates the struggle some may have ‘decoding’ the words on the page, allowing the listener to visualise as they listen. Their understanding is also helped by the tone of voice, accent, emphasis and timing given to the text by the professional reader.

Many children can miss out on vital language resources and their written output can fail to reflect their ability.  Listening to books in audio form can help them acquire not only a whole new range of experience, but a vocabulary beyond their own reading level and everyday conversation, enhancing fluency and comprehension. Their horizons expand, they absorb the structure and conventions of storytelling and develop much greater confidence to communicate both orally and on paper, which has enormous benefits to their writing. When they discover the excitement of books through listening, pupils want to read more rather than less. If they follow the text while listening, their word recognition and reading speed improve.

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Mental Health and Educational Benefits of Using Audiobooks 

  • Using audiobooks can help rest a busy mind
  • Using audiobooks can calm feelings of anxiety
  • Uplifting or funny audiobooks can distract from emotional pain
  • Students using audiobooks can concentrate on the story without the need to decode the words
  • Using audiobooks helps to increase student's vocabulary and word recognition
  • Audiobooks promote a love for literature and books by opening up a whole new world of stories
  • Listening to books about mental health can be a great learning tool for managing symptoms
  • Students that find reading print challenging can benefit socially by using audiobooks, as they can talk about the same books their peers are reading
  • Audiobooks can be used for much needed downtime
  • Students can 'read' books that are written for their age
  • Listening Books is a resource that can be accessed at home or at school

Just some of the educational titles in our collection

A Midsummer Night's Dream

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Author: William Shakespeare

Following Grandfather

Following Grandfather

Author: Rosemary Wells

Looking After Your Mental Health

Looking After Your Mental Health

Author: Alice James, Louie Stowell

Three children sitting on the floor in a school library. Two children are reading printed books and one is wearing headphones and looking at an iPad.