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Read a Book Day: which one will you choose?

Read a Book Day: which one will you choose?

September 6, 2016 0 Comments

National Read a Book Day happens every year. This doesn't mean that it's the only day that's great for reading of course, but it's a brilliant reminder to pick up a book or audiobook if you haven't read for a while, or to choose your next title to read!

It can be hard to decide what to read next, so recommendations are super helpful to point you in the right direction...

Over the years at Listening Books we've amassed quite a few book recommendations - not least our Friday Favourites which you can find over on our Facebook page. These 'Friday Favourites' come from all our staff, and we tell you why we think these audiobooks are amazing!

We've picked out some of the best ones here to whet your appetite!

1. Recipe for Life by Mary Berry - Recommended by Abbie

Mary Berry Recipe for Life Read a Book Day

If, like me, you're totally obsessed with everything Great British Bake Off, then you'll love Mary Berry's autobiography. It's like listening to Mary Berry herself having a chat with you about her life.


2. The Murders in the Rue Morgue and Other Stories by Edgar Allan Poe - Recommended by Jeremy

All the ingredients for the modern detective novel were laid out in this short story by Poe. A locked room mystery, a bumbling police force, a brilliant amateur detective and a first person narrative from the detectives close friend.


3. Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier - Recommended by Jo

Rebecca Daphne Du Maurier Read a Book Day

This classic novel by Daphne Du Maurier tells the story of a young woman who arrives at her impressive new home ‘Manderley’ on the Cornish coast after her whirlwind marriage to its wealthy owner Maxim de Winter. She soon finds that her happiness is threatened by the memory of Maxim’s first wife Rebecca, who died the year before but whose presence is still strongly felt in the house. I found this story to be so engrossing; Du Maurier brilliantly drip feeds the reader details about Rebecca, her life and her death to keep you constantly hooked. It’s a great mystery story, and brilliantly atmospheric!

4. Wild Swans by Jung Chang - Recommended by Louise

I absolutely fell in love with this book when I read it. Although a factual account of the life of three generations of Chinese women, what happens to them makes this audiobook seem like a work of fiction. Heart warming, heart wrenching, terrifying in places and truly thought provoking of what women born in different places and different times have to endure.


5. Star Wars: The Force Awakens by Alan Dean Foster - Recommended by Robert

Star Wars Alan Dean Foster Read a Book Day

The Star Wars saga continues with this seventh instalment. If you enjoyed The Force Awakens movie, then check out this novelisation.


6. Keep the Aspidistra Flying by George Orwell - Recommended by Amy

Set in 1930s London – Gordon Comstock is a poet who rejects the corporate world, giving up a steady job as a copywriter to concentrate on his poetry. The only problem is that Gordon’s perhaps not as talented as he’d like to be, and although he despises money – he never seems to think about anything else.
Orwell really immerses you in the protagonist’s artistic and social frustrations, to the point where you almost feel like shouting at Gordon to make him see sense! A darkly comic, brilliant classic.


7. A Sky of Diamonds by Camille Gibbs - Recommended by Holly

This beautiful story for children is about Mia, whose mother dies unexpectedly. In many ways it follows Mia’s journey through grief. It is charming, emotive, and also a wonderful way to explain and understand what happens when someone dies. It’s relatable for adults and children, whether you’ve lost a loved one or not, as Mia’s emotions and how she experiences them are depicted so well. It’s an amazing story – but perhaps do have tissues at the ready.


8. Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett - Recommended by Jenny

Terry Pratchett Wintersmith Read a Book Day

This is the third book involving Tiffany Aching, a trainee witch and the Nac Mac Feegle. In this book Tiffany dances with the Wintersmith and gets herself in the middle of an ancient romance between summer and winter.  This is a great, fun story about Tiffany’s adventures and how she deals with her special abilities.

Which book will you read today?

All audiobooks listed are available for Listening Books members to borrow.  Click here for more information about membership.


Don't forget, you can check out all our 'Friday Favourites' over on Facebook, and remember to Like our page to get all the latest recommendations!

And if you enjoyed this article, why not check out our other 'Ask the office' posts!


This post was written by Holly Newson

This article was updated: 30th June 2021

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